Birthday Recipes

Have you got a birthday coming up? Having a family party? We've got every recipe you'd possibly need — from finger food, to mini pizzas; main courses that you can easily adapt according to how many people you have over, party favours and delicious birthday cakes that have an extra little something to really excite your party guests.

Birthday Cakes

Icing Recipes

Party Favourites

Finger Food

Mini Pizzas

One Pot/Sharing Dishes

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  • Apple Crumble - Crumbles can be made with either fruit and sugar or there are also savoury versions.
  • BBQ - Barbeques are fantastic fun, especially when we get the weather! Summertime parties with friends and family are a big part of the holidays.
  • Bread Pudding - As well as the usual sweet bread and butter puddings, there are also savoury bread puddings that include savoury custard and cheese.
  • Brownies - Wonderful cross between cake and cookie, and incredibly easy to make.
  • Carrot Cake - A lovely, sweet cake that is perfect with tea or as an afternoon snack.
  • Fondue - Traditional Alpine dish of melted cheese that is served in a communal pot in the middle of the dining table for everyone to dip into.
  • Sausages - Usually made from pork or beef, although turkey, chicken and vegetarian varieties are available. Sausages are far more versatile than you might think.
  • Shortbread - Scottish shortbread originally comes from a biscuit made in medieval times.
  • Spaghetti - One of the most versatile types of pasta and is incredibly easy to make up into a delicious meal.
  • Sushi - Japanese cuisine usually made from rice and seafood.
  • Trifles - Traditional English dessert usually made from a mixture of sponge cake, fruit, jelly, custard and cream.

About Birthday Food:

Birthdays are meant to be a celebration of the year you've just gone through and the year you have ahead of you. They're a great time to have all of your family and friends around you and they also give you an excuse to have a fabulous party with some delicious food.

We've got everything covered — read above for tasty vegetarian dishes, inventive and fun-to-make party favours, and delectable birthday cakes that are just a little bit more special than your every day cakes, as well as some icing flavours and techniques.

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